You won't get marks if you skipped your presentation. There will be no make-ups for your presentation.
Your website should be up and running. If not, you need to explain and demonstrate your system in my office to get marks for this course.
For the final project, you are required to submit your code along with your report. You need to at least develop one feature based on the topics delivered in classroom. Exact same code with other group or from anywhere around the world will be considered as plagiarism. Your report and presentation will focus on what YOU did. Learning and reusing existing code should be reported very briefly. Features not relevant to the course will not be considered.

Hands on

Hands-on tutorials are about 30 minutes long. Please post your slides and detailed instructions on your web page.

Project reports

You are reuqired to submit your project reports for each stage. For the final project report, it should not exceed four pages long, using the ACM sig-alternate.cls formatting style. Here is a sample latex file using this style. In the report you describe the details of your project, including your data, experiments, results, and your analysis. Write the link to your web site, which is a demo of your search engine, and contains more details of your project. You can consider to report on the following aspects. Note that you are not REQUIRED to do all those subtopics. You can select and focus on a few of them, and report on the topics that you have done.


Text Book

Other reference books: