Apply for a unix account:

Write to

Access a unix machine at home:

There are several unix machines you can use, including alpha, bravo, charlie, sol, and luna. You need to use SSH client program to connet to one of the machines. One SSH client program can be downloaded from university ITS . One free ssh clinet is putty, which you can download from here.

Practice regular expression using grep

You can use grep to search for certain pattern in text files, such as html files.  For example, you can search for Canadian postal code or Ontario car plate numbers in a text file;

Prepare text file, say grepTest, that consists of sample postal code etc.

You can try the commands listed here.


>grep 123 grepTest

grep [a-z][0-9][a-z] [0-9][a-z][0-9] grepTest

grep i [a-z][0-9][a-z] [0-9][a-z][0-9] grepTest

Try regexTester

click here to the regexTester  applet;

Write regular expressions and try the match(), find() methods.