Instructions for running JavaCup

  1. Go to JavaCUP web site (, download the tar file if you are using unix, or download the zip file if you are using windows.
  2. You can also click this to get the javaCup tar file.
  3. unzip the tar file in a unixi system. If it is a gz file, run gunzip *.gz. If it is a tarfile, run tar -xvf *.tar.
  4. To run your javaCup, in the directory that is one layer above java_cup,  type
     java java_cup.Main < yourCupFile 
  5. The above command will generate the parser.
  6. You can also look at the bat files calc.bat and calc2.bat, to see the sequence of command to run the program. Note that JLex package should be also under your current directory. You can run those commands in sequence automatically by typing "calc" in Windows. In Unix/Linux/Ubunto/OS X, you can type "./calc.bat" to run the script. You may need to change the access mode by typing
     chmod 755 calc.bat
  7. Note the difference between Unix and Windows, especially in lex file. You need to change the newline symbol \r\n in Windows to \n in Unix.